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Competition, 2nd Place Rome Prize

New York

One morning a Trojan horse was facing the wall of the city, The people had to decide what to do…

Facing the city, the new structure is a challenge to its essence. The ability to destroy the wall of the city, in order to construct a new condition demands the participation of its inhibitors – even without them knowing it. Therefore the proposed object is merely a suggestion, a possibility, and a risk. Being taken by both the builder and the people of the city, the risk is generating a dialogue. A public dialogue of the faith of its city in front of a temporary structure.

The translation of the metaphor of the horse becomes clear through its original builder – Odysseys, who is also the maker of the bed and the only one that knows its detail. By winning back his wife through the scale of the detail, and winning the city through the scale of the horse, the builder and destroyer become one. The detail becomes the singular machine that begins to question the condition of the whole.

…As they approached the structure they discovered six boxes, one inside the other.

The height of each box was the same as the wall dimension of the box inside it.

Each box had six walls; each of these walls had its function:

Passage wall – contained elements of passage
Wall garden – for future green spots
Curtain wall – for light
Wall screen – for multi media use and electric communication
Utility wall – for water supply and electricity

(Rome Prize winning entry 2nd prize)
(Organized by the Van Alen Institute for Public Architecture, NYC, 1997)

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