ROART is a full-service architectural firm based in New York City

We are designers, first and foremost. We believe that good design begins with ideas, and unfolds via subtle compositions of universal elements: light, air, circulation, proportion. We realize that external constraints – whether imposed by city agencies, client specifics, or the site itself – are in fact opportunities in disguise. They help stimulate the imagination and ultimately strengthen the work. Good design takes time. We do not move forward on a project until we, and the client, are ready.


we oversee every aspect of a project to ensure it stays on target

Further development of the design leads to construction documents, which give us a chance to flesh things out and concentrate on how the project ties together over multiple scales and disciplines.

Once the project breaks ground we shift our focus to construction administration. We review shop drawings and submittals in order to maintain quality control. We spend time on site with the construction team. This is where questions are asked and the inevitable problems are worked out. We welcome serendipity - more often than not, a problem steers us in a better direction.

As the project nears substantial completion, we work closely with the expeditor and construction team to address all open required items, ultimately securing a certificate of occupancy and closing out the project.

Work in Progress

Our Team

Ran Oron Ran Oron


James Driscoll James Driscoll, RA


Tamara Silver Tamara Silver


Jeff Evans Jeff Evans

Senior Project Leader

Daniel Hudson Daniel Hudson

Project Leader

Ajin Ryu Ajin Ryu

Architectural Designer

Paul Gregory Paul Gregory, RA

Consulting Architect

John Cafferty John Cafferty

Construction Supervisor

Rose Marotta-Cruz Rose Marotta-Cruz