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LA Low Rise Competition, 2021
Third Place - Redistribution Category


  • Architecture/Concept

One night a sea of stars fell on the city of angels.
When the people woke up and gathered, they realized they had to imagine.

It quickly became clear to them, once they overcame their fears,
that gravity was suspended and that for the imagination,
the world gravitates around values.
Some started to talk, even more paid attention and listened.
The word problem was spelled o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-y and
technology was the pen and a tool.

They got closer to the stars and began to name them.

They called them kitchen, a bathroom, a room.
One called it a bed and the other table, a handrail or stairs.
Some climbed to a garden, a few went to swim in a pool.
A child held one in his palm and a little girl put one in her pocket.

A group of them was called a community.
They were the bright ones that showed the way and
helped the people to navigate; they gave a direction, a structure.
These stars became systems for growth.

Their structure was light, agile, adaptive. It radiated. It respected the old houses yet at the same time freed them from the fear of change.

They trusted the light.

They began to welcome the night and waited for the stars to shine and
fall from the sky so they could give them more and more names,
invent new words, new relationships.

They realized that they considered their actions and desires as though
they were concerned with lines, planes and solids.

They lost all sense of scale, or rather the fear of moving back and forth,
back and forth on the scales of scales, they used the power of ten.
They went to the edge of the universe and they came back,
all the way inside themselves.

They were flying.

They made peace with the word gravity and invented the word space.
They learned to make space, to give space.
They believed and called it a value.
They played, they danced, they gave new meaning to words like
function, program, structure.

They knew they could.
They wanted.

One night they looked up and waited but the stars did not fall.
They were up there in the dark skies, shining, smiling, generous,
the same way they have always been, up there for thousands of years, always, since the beginning of time.

The people looked up; they heard the silence and looked around.
They now knew they could make.

They were together, and they were happy.

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