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400 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021


  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

The initial design intent of the lobby renovation was to reveal the inherent grandeur of the double height space by stripping unnecessary or outdated materials and finishes. A deeper examination of the core use of the space led to a proposed design that addresses the basic circulation and functionality issues that the current layout faces. The ideas driving the lobby design were then radiated outward and implemented into the plaza, façade, and building as a whole.

By removing the brick arches and any non-structural elements from the window wall, the lobby opens up to the plaza and is filled with natural light. With the changing light of dusk, the lobby turns into a beacon from the plaza and street level beyond.

A revolving entry door eliminates the need for a vestibule, which allow the floor area instead to be used for an enlarged storage room behind the reception desk for packages and carts. A secondary door provides access for ADA and large deliveries. Upon entering the building, tenants are greeted directly by the doorman whose re-located desk has control of the entire space with full views of the entry, lounge, community table, and elevators.

The dynamic composition of the elevated wall panels playfully compliments the central light fixture and emphasizes the double height space, while a floating community table to work or meet in small groups is tucked under an intimate ceiling at the end of the space.

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