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2 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211


  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

Located merely a block away from our residential building touting a modern cantilever - The MilkFactory - 2 Bushwick Avenue echoes the gesture with a dramatic cantilevering form that strongly defines the corner of the lively residential and commercial neighborhood.  The site’s unique urban context at the intersection of two major streets above ground and the subway tunnel below inform the overall massing of the building.

A green corridor starting at Cooper Park continues through Orient Grove followed by Memorial Gore, defining a trajectory that culminates at the new public plaza anchoring the intersection of Metropolitan Avenue and Bushwick Avenue.  Terraces and outdoor spaces throughout the building are formed by the stacking of each distinct floorplate, while an extensive green roof provides a lush public landscape of native sedum species. At the ground level, the pedestrian plaza activates a public space inviting visitors and passersby to engage in a social context both within and outside of the building.

The curved ground floor of the building follows the curve of the L subway line (L Train), whose underground path cuts across a portion of the lot.​ The top floor parallels the street lines, aligning the facades to meet with neighboring buildings. The middle floor connects the two, transitioning from a curving footprint to a rectilinear form, completing a continuous corrugated aluminum ribbon that defines the facade. Just as the L train weaves its way through Brooklyn uniting various communities along the way, the ribbon meanders across the building’s facade integrating the three different volumes into a coherent form.​

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