Nothing defines the value and potential of a New York apartment, and perhaps any urban apartment, more than the view from its windows and the capacity of the typically tight spaces to be transformed. The key to ultimate flexibility while maintaining the view of Central Park from every point in this New York apartment was making the master bathroom, located at the furthest and darkest corner, an integral part of the space. The glass and wood wet area of the shower penetrates the bedroom as well as the living and kitchen areas, and the same four materials were used in the bathroom and throughout the apartment. COR wood, glass, plaster and stainless steel were employed in various scales and functions to create a sense of a whole and frame the moving parts of the space. The core elements of flexibility are two sets of translucent and trackless sliding doors that transform the loft space into a two-bedroom apartment. A bed becomes a sofa as part of the wooden western wall, a desk disappears into a closet, and a kitchen counter can be wheeled, lowered and expanded to serve as a dining table for 16 people.